National Museums Liverpool to launch design competition

04th February, 2021

National Museums Liverpool is launching a high-profile design competition this March to find a team of designers to transform Liverpool’s waterfront, as part of a 10-year masterplan. 

The competition, which is managed by Colander Associates, will invite members of the public who have the right set of skills, from architects and engineers to artists and other creatives, to offer their vision on how to reinvent the public spaces, spanning the area between the Royal Albert Dock and Mann Island. 

Laura Pye, Director of National Museums Liverpool, said: “We’re thrilled to start the new year with news of our ambitions for our Waterfront Transformation Project. The public realm between the Royal Albert Dock and Mann Island represents a huge opportunity for development and this project will be a big step towards enabling the public and our communities to share, enjoy and engage with this incredible rich heritage.” 

The ambitious 10-year waterfront transformation masterplan will also involve building redevelopments of the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building to create a new entrance to the International Slavery Museum, and an expansion of the Maritime Museum to include a new special exhibition space and shared facilities, creating a seamless visitor experience between both museums. 

More information about the project can be found here