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Remember remember, Vegan November

Dine out at the Dock with a delicious range of plant-based options to celebrate World Vegan Month...

We’re celebrating World Vegan Month this November with a mouthwatering menu of plant-based dishes around the Dock. If you’re planning on eating out in Liverpool next month, join us for an evening of guilt-free dining when you head on down for a Vegan Safari...

Make your first stop: Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen

This family-run independent restaurant packs a strong punch. Not only do they offer a mixture of healthy and indulgent gourmet brunches, lunches and dinners, but you can choose from gluten free, veggie – and of course vegan – options. Start your vegan safari with a light appetiser, including mini vegan soup, mini falafels with a tasty dip or vegan sausage rolls.

Then, head to: Smugglers Cove

Just around the corner from Peaberry, this dockside favourite serves up hearty meals and fabulous cocktails with a fantastic ambiance. Its ever-evolving menu includes new vegan options. Choose from crispy gnocchi with truffle mayo, roast sweet potato with red onion and beetroot, vegetable ramen served with ribbon veg, soya beans and enoki mushrooms in a miso broth, or sweet and spicy pepperpot stew – a Caribbean classic – with sweet potato and banana, served with rice and peas.

Smuggler Cove food
Smuggler Cove food
Smuggler Cove food

Next on the menu: Lunyalita

Lunyalita’s flavours are as exotic and varied as you could dream of. It’s always served a tasty selection of vegan plates – which continues to grow all the time – alongside its meat-based dishes, cheese platters and deli treats.

You could choose cocido – a summer Spanish stew with soft white beans, peas, spinach, mint and hazelnut; crispy padron peppers or patatas bravas served up with home-made spicy bravas sauce. We think you’ll love Lunyalita’s broccoli, which comes roasted with harissa, hazelnuts and maple syrup and chickpeas cooked with butternut squash, apricots and almonds in Moroccan spices. Or, if you just can’t decide, opt for the vegan platter, which comes laden with a selection of mouthwatering marinated vegetables, salads, olives, homemade dips and snacks from their deli counter.

And make your final stop: Maray

The Dock is fast-growing its independent restaurant options, and Vegan favourite, Maray, is gaining national press plaudits for its impressive veggie options. With a full back menu dedicated to plant-based dining, Maray’s menu is sure to get your taste buds tingling. Its dishes are all served as small plates, so – while the vegan options look like a feast – you can pick and choose what you’ve still got room for, and keep them coming.

These are just some of our favourites: king oyster mushrooms with curried butter beans and pickled fennel; chermoula carrots served with olives, dates, wild rice, sesame and barley; a really meaty-textured aubergine shawarma, stacked with tahini, crispy shallots, pickled chillies and date syrup; caramelised oyster and chestnut mushrooms on rye bread, with dukkah; torched broccoli with toasted pumpkin seeds, preserved lemon and pickled red onion; chickpea and barberry stew served with saffron basmati and crispy chickpeas or a beetroot bowl with confit beetroot, tomato, toasted hazelnuts and mint.

Of course, it’d be remiss of us to leave out some of the dishes that gained Maray its reputation: falafel with hummus, tabbouleh, harissa is probably the finest falafel Liverpool restaurants have to offer. And not forgetting the delightful disco cauliflower, with chermoula, harissa, tahini, almonds, fresh herbs and delicate jewelled pomegranate seeds.


If you’re eating out in Liverpool in November, why not try something different with vegan dining? 2019 marks a big milestone with the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Vegan Society and it’s incredible to see how much it’s caught on in just the last few years. Try our Vegan Safari restaurants for responsible dining!