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Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen opens new Italian gelato parlour – just in time for the sunshine

The Dock’s delicious Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen has expanded just in time for summer, opening a mouthwatering Italian-style gelato parlour. Pop along in the sun and choose from 22 different flavours of luxury homemade ice cream, including dairy, vegan and sorbet choices, served with a variety of cones plus waffles, doughnuts and Eton Messes.

Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen opens new Italian gelato parlour
Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen opens new Italian gelato parlour

As the sun came out just in time for us to pop along and talk to the team about their favourites, we thought it was only fair to try out a few icy options. Classic flavours include mint choc chip and rum and raisin, alongside a splash of new recipes – blue bubblegum, Kinder Bueno and the magical, multi-coloured unicorn. Vegan flavours are covered by chocolate orange, Biscoff, salted caramel and vanilla bean, while – if you prefer a fruity sorbets – you can choose from a refreshing range of fresh summer months.

Co-owner Graeme Farrington says the trend is one that’s becoming very popular in Europe, and is now set to conquer Liverpool: “a lot of people do want to go out in the evening for ice cream and desserts,” he says. “It’s a European trend that’s become very popular here – so we wanted to be the ones to offer it at the Dock.

“We think it’ll work really well here. It’s such a beautiful location and we’ll be serving in the summer until around 9pm or 10pm, so people can come for ice cream until sunset.”

Graeme Farrington

Peaberry prides itself on sourcing all of its ingredients within a short radius of its two locations – its ice cream supplier is another independent. Called ‘Golds’, it specialises in homemade luxury gelato and is based just up the road in Wigan, making ice creams with a rich flavour, smooth texture and lower fat content than standard ice cream.

With a wealth of mouthwatering flavours to choose from, here’s the team’s top tips.


Owner of Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen

Favourite flavour: Ferrero Rocher in a tub
Why? My favourite time of year is Christmas. To be able to enjoy an ice cold scoop of my favourite ice cream in summer is just amazing.


Chef at Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen

Favourite flavour: mint choc chip in a teddy bear cone
Why? Mint chocolate chip is always a winner in my eyes. And obviously it has to be a teddy bear cone – I‘m a big kid at heart.


Owner of the Nest

Flavour: Cherry and unicorn in a chocolate cone
Why: I just couldn’t resist the chocolate cone... it’s pretty big too and I was in a ‘go big or go home’ kind of mood! I went with cherry sorbet for a punch of juicy flavour, and ‘unicorn’, which is a lovely vanilla flavour with little rainbow drops scattered on top. Two big thumbs up!


Bartender at Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen

Favourite flavour: cookie dough and Galaxy Caramel in a chocolate wafer cone
Why? This is my favourite combination as it reminds me of my nan when she used to bake fresh cookies as a child…


Events coordinator at Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Flavour: Triple stack cherry, bubblegum and banana- all the sweet stuff! It deffo gave me nostalgia for being a young kid, i also couldn't think of anything better than a rainbow cone with June being Pride month.


Chief ice cream taster

Favourite flavour: Cherry with extra strawberry sauce and lots and lots of colourful sprinkles
Why? Pink is my favourite colour AND I love teddy bears!

While we’ve picked out our favourites, Golds has over 150 ice cream and sorbets in its range, so the Peaberry team will be introducing new flavours on a regular basis. They’ve also promised us a range of gin slushies and boozy milkshakes later this summer… you heard it here first!