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Food Safari

Where else in Liverpool can you sit by the Dockside and enjoy the city’s most varied food offer? From top-quality independents to boutique chains, try our suggestions for every taste...

With tastes transporting you from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean to China, now’s the time to check out your choice from the Dock restaurants’ new summer menus. Make the most of the bright spring evenings and grab dinner Dock-side, or kick back over a candle-lit meal. We caught up with some of the Dock’s chefs to hear their recommendations...


At Italian favourite Gusto, chef Michael Sadi recommends their roast chicken breast with creamed leeks, tomato and caper dressing with fried gnocchi.

Piquant capers and fresh tomatoes

‘You can’t beat simple, flavoursome food cooked well,’ he says. There’s something perfect about a really good roast chicken, with its crisp skin and deliciously juicy meat. Combining that with beautifully creamy leeks and the contrast of piquant capers and freshness of the tomatoes brings the flavours and textures of the bird to the fore. Add that to homemade gnocchi and you have a perfectly balanced, filling Italian dish bursting with colour and flavour, which is always a personal favourite.’

Havana Crunch
Roasted sweet potato and grilled red fish

A vegetarian favourite

At the other end of Edward Pavilion, Eleanor Walker is assistant manager at Revolucion de Cuba. The restaurant has just developed a new menu, and is taking big steps to reduce its carbon footprint and plastic waste, with what Eleanor calls a ‘vibrant, aesthetic and appealing to a health‐conscious world. We have a wider range of vegetarian and vegan dishes,’ she says, alongside new fresh meat dishes. It’s a vegetarian dish she made her choice, though. ‘Where Cuban food really excels is in the simple and flavourful preparation of commonplace ingredients,’ she says. ‘That’s why dishes such as our roasted sweet potato are so popular. Sliced finely and topped with spinach, peas and optional bacon pieces, the modesty of the ingredients conquers the tapas table with a combination of herbs and spice, making it a consistent favourite. You should try it as part of your tapas fiesta, or alongside our grilled red fish, for the ultimate Cuban experience.’

Miller and Carter Sea Bass
Miller and Carter Steak

Sea bass or steak?

Over at Miller and Carter, the chef team couldn’t decide between them which was their favourite dish. Head chef Nick named the sea bass, because it’s fresh daily and comes pesto-crusted, with crushed baby potatoes, roasted vegetable tartare, sugar snap peas and samphire, with a tarragon-infused Hollandaise sauce. Sous chef Sophie chose a classic 12oz ribeye served medium rare, giving it a delicate flavour balanced with firm texture, and the restaurant’s signature beef dripping sauce.

Sultry Spanish evenings

Bozena, sous chef at Smuggler’s Cove picked paella for her summer food recommendation. Conjuring up the scents of a sultry Spanish evening, it combines juicy chicken thighs with king prawn, chorizo and Iberian herbs.

"Paella is one of the most popular dishes on our delicious new menu, because of its exotic feel and the unique flavours it brings to the table. With a variety of textures coming from the chicken and prawns, we have our own twist by adding chorizo. It’s like a holiday in your mouth."

Bozena Smugglers Cove Sous Chef

Puffle Waffle Unicorn

A fluffy dessert dream

If you’ve got ANY room left, head to the Dock’s unique Puffle Waffle coffee shop to finish things off with one of their unicorn marshmallow desserts. The only place you’ll find puffle waffles in Liverpool, founder Kenneth Cheung has adapted the recipe taught to him by his grandfather in Hong Kong to create this fluffy dessert dream, that’s both light on the inside and crispy on the outside. ‘The unicorn is one of our favourites – they’re really popular – especially with kids,’ he says. ‘It’s an egg waffle batter that’s lighter than traditional waffles, with marshmallow, whipped cream, Oreos, strawberries, sprinkles and Nutella.’ Beat that!