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Handmade crafts and local artists swoop into Dock’s gorgeous new gift shop

Buying The Nest

The Dock’s newest tenant, artist Katherine Caldwell has brought a touch of the hand made to the Dock with the arrival of The Nest. An illustrator for the last ten years, she’s taken the idea of a nest as somewhere homely and comforting to create a beautiful space to showcase the work of other local makers, creating the intricate branding and visuals that make the shop stand out. Not only is she supporting the city’s independent talent, souvenir hunters and shoppers have found somewhere as unique as it is irresistible.

Before opening The Nest, Katherine ran a variety of pop-up shops around Liverpool with other artists – alongside designing her own range – which she says have given her an insight into what customers like.

The Nest - Katherine Caldwell
The Nest

"I’ve always sent my work direct to customers, and supplied other shops, but I loved the idea of having a physical shop, where I could display things. I’ve worked at art and design fairs for years now so have got to know a huge range of local artists, and I really wanted somewhere that I could show their work off."

Katherine Caldwell

Packed full of cards and gifts, souvenirs, beautiful homeware and prints, The Nest has been buzzing with new customers, and local workers. And while all of the artists are local, not everything The Nest sells is obviously about Liverpool. ‘Customers tell us they want things from Liverpool, but not necessarily about Liverpool,’ says Katherine. ‘If they’re visiting, having something created locally is more important than having something that’s explicitly Liverpool,’ she says, although there are plenty of beautiful Liverpool designs on display, too.

Here are nine to look out for…

Kayleigh Radcliffe

Kayleigh Radcliffe’s prints, cards and delicate figurines are inspired by her love of animals. With a special Harrods range under her belt, Kayleigh’s animals inhabit a world where they’re just as human as we are, inspired by Victorian hand-painted photographs.

Chris Turrell-Watts

Local ceramicist Chris Turrell-Watts is based a stone’s throw from the Dock, in the city’s creative Baltic Triangle. His charming moongazers combine his loves for medieval illustrations, Japanese cartoons and English surrealism. Each one of them is hand painted, unique, and painted with washes of oxides, coloured slips and underglazes.

Neal Dawson

Photographer Neal has experimented for years to find the perfect material for his images. This range of coasters – each an art work in itself – are transferred via his own ‘secret’ technique, the Travertine stone giving them a textured, hand-finished feel, with muted vintage colours. Keep an eye out for a special new range being developed by Neal just for The Nest, too.

Tony Shannon

Welder Tony Shannon popped in to The Nest on the off-chance. Having never sold his work before, Katherine says he was ‘so unaware of how good he was,’ and his metal wall pieces, hangers and plant pot stands have become an instant favourite with customers. The Nest is the only place you’ll find his unique creations – they’ve proved so popular that Tony’s developing a new line just for the Dock.

Marianthi Lainas

Photographer Marianthi has a burgeoning international reputation, with examples of her nature photography now on permanent display in Greenland. But she’s lived a stone’s throw from the beach for most of her life, using shifting sands, dunes tides as her inspiration. She includes a stunning set of monochrome photographs of Liverpool at The Nest, alongside one of the shop’s best sellers in her delicate Botanicals range, where Marianthi employs a special ‘camera-less’ technique.

Elaine Hackett

Elaine’s pared back, beautiful paintings of animals and coastal life are turned into a variety of giclee prints. Wirral-based, Elaine incorporates plenty of small local details, giving her work a warm, personal touch.

Matthew Storrow’s Mockup Goods Co

Another artist who’ll be collaborating with The Nest on a range of new products, Matthew works with everything from screen printing, letterpress and riso to laser cutters and CNC milling, creating his works as posters, prints, cards and etched into wood. He focuses on Liverpool’s iconic architecture, with a striking, line-based style that’s as distinctive as it is irresistible.

Katherine Caldwell

Katherine’s own illustrations are printed on cotton paper, and organic cotton for a range of children’s t-shirts. Her characters – including giraffes, stags, goats, kestrels and donkeys – are all accompanied by a narrative, creating a fantastical world of stories. You can also see some of her original illustrations in the shop, hand drawn from photographs, and then digitally coloured for her range of cards, prints and clothing.

Toucan Tango

Design duo Toucan Tango create bold graphic prints, screen printed as posters, cards, tea-towels – and now pins. Their artwork is vibrant, fun and funky, and guaranteed to catch your eye from across the room.